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pretty fun and simple game. my only critique would be for better pathing since I constantly got stuck with no exits in a room and had to keep regenerate which in turn resets score.


Hi, thanks for your interest in my game and Im glad you enjoyed it. I do agree with your critique and sadly I knew of that fact when releasing. This was a project I made for uni in a week and I just had little time. In my testing I found that if there are atleast 2 chunks with two seperate exits then you can manoeuvre smartly and keep generating new chunks pretty much infinitely without the need to restart.

Hi, I can't move diagonal, due to this I can't go to exit with generated map. How we can move 8 direction? If we can't, you need to improve map generation.

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Hi, thanks for playing my game. You cannot move diagonally, that's the part of the challenge as only ghost can do that. And yes I know that sometimes the map generates unpassable chunks, but if you press R to generate a new one, then you'll be fine. In my testing if you can get two paths to generate you will never get stuck again.


Thank you for information. I really like 1bit art style games and this one a nice basic roguelike example :)

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I've been looking for a barebones, stripped-down roguelike, and that's basically what I've been looking for, thank you for making this!

Now for some unsolicited feedback hehe -- I personally think gameplay would be better with NumPad / Calculator movement (8-directions) and maybe with a "Wait" button or similar. But that's more personal taste to be honest and I can totally get behind not using them as a counscious design decision.

Awesome work!

Haha I'm glad you found what you were looking for in my game. And thank you for the feedback it's very much appreciated!